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Client Brief

Self learning platform for all


Teknoturf provides a wide range of Consulting Solutions that maximize returns from the existing technology thereby reducing costs. 



Idealoft was asked to reinvent Teknoturf from its existing e-learning content intended for enterprise use, for the B2C segment.

Problem Statement:

With the existing website of the H3mart, the purchase managers took more time to understand the process and to carry out a purchase.


Post a startegic project on features mapping, Idealoft was able to create a dashboard with numerous features some of which were:

  • Track your Progress
    • People can absorb visual information faster. Use of infographics and animations to track progress can keep the learners interested and engaged.
  • Game design techniques
    • Making the rewards for accomplishing tasks visible to other students or providing leaderboards are ways of encouraging students to compete.
  • Actionable Dashboard
    • Stream of detailed information that can generate actionable insights for learners, teachers, parents, and education stakeholders.
  • Easy Navigation
    • Learners should be able to easily and independently navigate the course. We make sure every navigation element is thoughtfully-placed and clearly visible.


Idealoft Studio


  1. Pune



Category Experience


26-50 Employees

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