Client Brief

Insight from the client was MOOV => for Backpain, Tigerbalm => For strong pain, Vicks => for cold and cough

The Iconic Brand Emami Mentho Plus Pain Balm wanted to Cultivate & Introduce their Balm Brand, as a QUICK PAIN RELIEF & that it works on all types of pain.

The Challenge was to Depict Multiple Character Stories Blended with Local Uganda Slang, HOUSEWIFE, SPORTSMAN, BUSINESS MAN, wherein each of these suffer from Unbearable Pain. And how our HERO helps to relieve them from pain. It had also to establish itself as an Authentic pain Balm.


Quick Relief from Pain

“More Powerful”, blended with Herbs, Emami Mentho Plus Balm is a superior all-rounder, quick & effective for all types of pain and which gives better results than any competitor.


The plot was a commonplace Situation one, where an housewife suffering from pain is entering at home; the CG visually showed an Alarm popping up on her head. A Businessman tortured by cold & cough, which was illustrated vide the Nose flowing in form of TAP, which depicting the cold. Plus a sportsman in a position of delivering a football kick, and he cries as he gets a cramp on his knee, and CG depicting the Siren of Ambulance on his knee

The film canvas, based on Chroma & Rotoscopy technology at the same location, same lighting & same ambience, was shot over 2 days. Casting was done keeping in mind a Kenya Based Model. The visuals, VO and the product window were aesthetically CG designed to give a stunning feel of the Product capabilities


The Overall Film created a new benchmark for competitors. When it was aired, it got noticed widely and positioned Emami Mentho Plus Balm as a category leader


Film & Production

  1. Mumbai



Category Experience


1-10 Employees

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