HRX by Hrithik Roshan, 2022

The HRX Hero Challenge

Social Media Marketing
By HOWL Digital

Call For Entries for the #HRXHeroChallenge

Call For Entries for the #HRXHeroChallenge
Client Brief

The HRX community has been forever active when it comes to sharing their love for HRX and Hrithik Roshan. To appreciate this love for the community, the brand decided to give 2 lucky members of the community the ultimate prize, a chance to be in a  shoot with Hrithik Roshan himself. 

The platform of choice to make this happen was Instagram.


HRX teamed up with Hrithik Roshan to create a video of him serving looks, with the goal of getting his fans to re-create the reel and share their version of the reel on Instagram. 


Driven through Social Media pages and re-posting, the brand communicated about the prize - being on set to shoot with Hrithik Roshan - across Instagram, Facebook & Twitter to generate entries on Instagram.

The activity was further amplified by bringing in Influencers to help release the first set of video entries to get the challenge going. 

To ensure maximum participation, entries were re-posted to further drive participation.



Running for a period of 10 days, the activity resulted in 500+ entries on Instagram with a total organic reach of 4.5 MN+ and an average engagement rate of 7.4% 




HRX by Hrithik Roshan

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