DBS Bank India, 2020

Portraits Of Purpose India

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Winners of #PortraitsOfPurposeIndia

Client Brief

Ranked India's Best Bank in a 2020 survey by Forbes, DBS Bank India is one of the country’s foremost banking and financial institutions. The brand prides itself on being a leader in digital-first practices which create seamless banking experiences that help customers Live More, Bank Less. The bank integrates purpose into its business practices to solve real challenges for real people. 

In 2020, as India faced a crisis in the form of rising cases, an extended lockdown and a depressive news cycle, DBS Bank India wanted to launch a movement to curate & reward uplifting stories from purposeful individuals & organizations across the country.

This movement called “Portraits of Purpose India” aimed to spread positivity and spotlight everyday heroes who shared the same purposeful motives as the brand. As a campaign focused on inspirational user-generated content, this challenge rewarded 10 winners with INR 50,000 each to share their purpose and continue creating impact.


A digitally-driven activity, the objective was for people to share stories of themselves or of people they know who have done purposeful work in 2020. The goal was simple - get people to upload their stories on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, with the strategy of amplifying the brand’s focus on purposeful initiatives and leading a movement of positive news, at a time when it was badly needed.

Besides announcing the challenge on their owned platforms of Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to drive participation, DBS Bank India also roped in their brand ambassador, Sachin Tendulkar, who kicked off the campaign with a call for entries on his personal Instagram handle.

Influencer Marketing:

  • Working with 100+ mid & micro-influencers on Instagram to share posts of purposeful activities as examples of how to enter the contest.

  • Partnering with publisher The Logical Indian to profile unique, purposeful stories and further encourage participation.

Media Amplification:

  • Sponsored posts on social media- Posts were A/B tested to determine best response between promoting the prize money vs. posts promoting unique stories, with the aim of increasing reach and entries.

  • Driving traffic to the custom landing page on Portraits of Purpose India which hosted stories of DBS Bank India’s other purpose-led initiatives and a video of Sachin Tendulkar endorsing the challenge.


Starting with a message from Sachin Tendulkar, content invited participants to share their stories of purpose by uploading:

- A picture of themselves or someone they knew following their purpose/creating positive impact
- The story behind the deed and its results (optional)
- Tagging DBS Bank India & using the hashtag #PortraitsOfPurposeINDIA
- Keeping their profile public (so that the entry could be counted)

1. Social Media Content focused on two aspects. The prize money and highlighting unique and inspirational stories to garner more entries.
2. Influencers posted about purposeful acts such as planting trees, feeding stray animals, ending with the call to participate
3. The Logical Indian amplified the activity by profiling a few stories on their social media handles & website


Through the campaign period, the activity had a reach of 2.2 Million+ that led to 313 Entries across Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, with the majority of entries coming in through Instagram.


DBS Bank India

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