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Client Brief

Ahead of launching a new range of HRX audio products, they mandated their creative agency HOWL Digital, to execute the first-ever campaign, utilizing their digital community. This was to further validate HRX’s mission to #KeepGoing and unite a community virtually to drive the dream of a fitter India.


In tune with the brand tag, right from the get go, HOWL urged the viewers to #KeepGoing.

The insight for the campaign was simple - The assumption was that lockdown crippled a large population from actually pursuing the idea of fitness but they knew that nothing would stop fitness enthusiasts on their journey. The goal was to leverage the passion of these enthusiasts to inspire everyone else, so they too could #KeepGoing


Quick to act, the HRX marketing team reached out to loyalists via social media and stitched together their latest brand film. One that demanded no production or costs, just pure passion.


Brought alive by none other than Hrithik’s voice, this community sourced create India's first fitness-oriented UGC film has surpassed 6 million+ views organic views on YouTube alone in a month. Completely organic and void of any media push, the power of community was clear to see.

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