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Client Brief

Waggy Zone is a brand of Dog Friendly Ice-creams, Yogurts and Cheeses.

They wanted to gain the loyal following of Pet Parents and Dog Lovers who will go the extra mile for their Doggos good health.


1. We appealed to the hardcore Dog Parents who are constantly on the look out for products good for their Pet's health.

2. We conciously avoided Pet lovers, as this audience is not a Pet owner, but they watch a lot of Pet videos.


1. We posted primarily on weekends, when Dog Parents are highly active on Social Media.

2. We targeted Facebook Groups, of Dog Parents across the World

3. Right targeting of # hashtags helped us reach the exact audience we aimed to reach out to.


With the launch of this campaign, the brand achieved

  • Sharp rise in direct messaging and followers - 100 followers added every day

  • 400% increase in website traffic

  • 75% increase in sales on Amazon

  • Rs 0 spent on Social Media Ads and Influencer Marketing

  • 3,50,000 organic (unpaid) impressions

  • Waggy Zone was able to build a 10,000 strong community of Dog Parents

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