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Client Brief

1. Despite working with large global Agencies, the client was unable to get a satisfactory Return on Investment (RoI) on Flipkart

2. The Client needed the cost of each Unit/ Pack sold to stay below Rs 500

3. The total Advertising Spends should not be more than 5% of the revenue earned

4. The RoI target - 15


1. Identified new Keywords to achieve more sales.

2. Historical data analysis of last 6 months to understand the product sales trends

3. Reasonable Cost Per Clicks to reduce wasteful expenditure

4. SKU level Pareto analysis to promote best performing products and pack sizes

5. Product placement analysis to ensure the ads are visible in the right sections for better RoI


1. We appointed a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to interact with the client.

2. End to end control of Client's Flipkart account was taken.

3. Optimization of product details on Flipkart

4. Optimization of Ad campaigns on Flipkart


1. Cost per product sold = Rs 253 (average)

2. Advertising Cost = 4.8%

3. RoI = 16.5

4. Average monthly revenue = Rs 2.2 crores

Go For It Communications

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