What is afaqs! marketplace?
This is a platform created by afaqs!, the most trusted name covering the advertising, marketing and media space, since 1999. afaqs! marketplace is a platform that helps advertisers discover communication partners like ad agencies, digital agencies and the like.
Who is it for?

afaqs! marketplace is for:

  • Communication partners like ad agencies, digital agencies, production houses, design studios, activation agencies and content creators who can showcase their work to potential clients
  • Advertisers who can see the work of potential communication partners all at one place so that they can compare it. This will help them identify who they may want to work with when the need arises.
What makes afaqs! marketplace unique?
It sits on afaqs! where thousands of marketers visit every month and have been doing so for the last 20 years. Agencies and other partners are at exactly the right place – where their potential clients are!
Why should I register?
If you want your firm to be visible where your potential clients are, afaqs! marketplace is the place to be.
Do I need documents at the time of registration?
Registration on afaqs! marketplace is a simple process and does not require anything other than your company's GST number (at the time of payment).
Does afaqs! marketplace guarantee any benefits?
afaqs! marketplace is committed to showcasing your work to the relevant audience: that is, marketers. This significantly increases the possibility of your being noticed by potential clients. However, whether business comes your way will depend on client needs.
How is my profile linked to afaqs.com?
afaqs! marketplace is hosted on afaqs.com, not anywhere else!
How long will my profile be visible on afaqs! marketplace?
Subscription is annual: that is, for a 12-month period. After the receipt of payment, there is a 15-day period during which a comm partner can upload all its details. The 12-month period begins after that.
What happens when the page expires?
The page will expire when the annual subscription comes to an end. It will be maintained for a period of 30 days subsequently after which it will be deleted. However, a subscriber who renews the plan before the expiry date will be entitled to an attractive discount on the new subscription.
How does it benefit the agency or other communication partners?
Most agencies and others have good websites. However, there is the constant concern about getting traffic – especially, the right traffic. On afaqs! marketplace that’s one worry less because only people connected with advertising, marketing or media visit the site. Having a company profile on this platform saves you the hassle of sending your work samples to a potential client over multiple mail threads. You can easily organise your campaigns based on clients, specialisations, categories and more, and showcase the best of your work to get discovered by potential clients.
How do I get started on afaqs! marketplace?
It doesn’t take much to get started on afaqs! marketplace. All you have to do is just sign up in three easy steps and create a rich company profile page. And you are good to go!
Is there a trial subscription?
No, there isn’t.
Are there different types of packages available for me?
There is a standard package for all comm partners which includes 5 special skills (services) that a company can claim. For agencies who want to tell prospects about more than 5 specialisations, there is a small fee.
What are the modes of payment?

As of now, we accept payments through the following modes:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • UPI
  • Digital Wallets
  • Net Banking
How to add services in my profile?
Services can only be added/selected at the time of registration (before making the payment). After filling in the basic details on the first screen, you can add services to your profile on the next one.
My service isn't mentioned in the services provided. What do I do?
While adding your services refer to the list of 'See All Services' provided on the left hand side of the page. In case you can't find your service in that list, you can place a request with us to add the same. You can do so by clicking on the little + sign with the text 'Request to add service" against it.