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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual events have become the new normal for collaboration, launches or even premieres. SATO, part of Lixil, an innovative brand that seeks to address social issues, approached us for making the launch of the video for I-Trap connection system, a grand one. Since, there are no physical events happening, the catch here was to make the virtualevent an even greater success.


Facebook was the most appropriate platform to premiere the video of their revolutionary product. SATO I-Trap connection system which is affordable, extremely easy to retrofit and maintain, saves up to 80% water while keeping the odour out & flies and insects away. This innovation has provided rural areas with proper sanitation and better standards of living.

After carrying out numerous virtual meeting and conducting rigorous brainstorming sessions, a robust pre and post launch plan was made. The most challenging part of the premiere was the planning, execution and implementation that had to be carried out within a span of just 3 days.

Known for delivering great outcomes in strict deadlines, the Epic squad kick started the pre-launch campaign. Aseries ofteasers were planned to create buzz around the event. The integrated marketing strategy also included WhatsApp and email marketing apart from social media marketing. Google display ads and advertising on YouTube were also an integral part of our marketing strategy. Facebook and Twitter helped us draw attention of the target audience and spread the word about the event to them. Their excitement was quite evident from the huge participation and engagement that we had received during the event.




SATO has been improving the lives of millions of people through groundbreaking sanitation solutions by providing affordable and easy-to-install toilet systems to localcommunities around the world. On being approached, we did our thorough research and found that the brand’s target audience is majorly present on 2 platforms, one being Facebook and the other Twitter.


Despite the budget constraints, the entire campaign did exceptionally well. We let the numbers speak for us.


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