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One of the largest telecom power companies in the world, Indus towers launched an intense 90-day campaign called ‘i- Smart. i-Safe. Act Now. Be Safe’ that involved a critical on-ground and backend support, Epic India took the challenge hands-on, and here’s what followed.


Epic India managed the entire communication support throughout the campaign. Additionally, we set the seal on the competition that went on for 90 days across locations; wherein the numbers kept rising exponentially and were uploaded and displayed LIVE on their website and App.

From rolling out over 300 mailers to providing exceptional logistics Epic India brilliantly pulled off this country-wide campaign.  Managing to overcome the barriers of states, languages, weather conditions and more, we at Epic India ensured that even the slightest of on-ground and off-ground needs are not overlooked.


The campaign was systematically planned to reach out to every Technician, Rigger and Supervisor with the sole aim of increasing the SAFETY AWARENESS.

13 Suraksha Raths traveled across 13 circles PAN-INDIA to reach out to field technicians driving a beautiful message 0-0-0 meaning 0 deaths, 0 falls, 0 fatalities


The campaign witnessed whole-hearted participation from local Schools, Municipalities, Police, and NGOs.

While checking on the effectiveness of the campaign, the findings were quite striking as over 8400 technicians and as many as 1990 riggers were trained.

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