Raymond Consumer Care, 2019

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo PoSM

Retail Branding
Client Brief

To design a retail branding and merchandising unit to display the Park Avenue Beer Shampoo SKUs.


The inspiration for creating the user personas was taken from the beer froth. The frothy foam on top of
beer produced by bubbles of gas were depicted with different hair styles as we felt this would resonate
more with the TG and also convey the benefits of beer shampoo i.e. hair care.

The beer persona was used to create a “beer care” element which was used on front of the POSM. This
acted as the value proposition for beer using the beer shampoo.



The counter display unit helped fulfil the brand's purpose of drawing attention to beer shampoo range of
products within cluttered high frequency retail environments.

This initiative met with resounding success and the entire lot of products got sold out within one
month of their release.


Raymond Consumer Care

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