Client Brief

M/s. Sekar Emporium a family shopping showroom, well known from 1959 has its own traditional & ethical brand values. Every year they used to place a hoarding in their locality Kodambakkam, Chennai. Client was open and requires innovative ideas to be portrayed in the hoardings.


Exploring the textile in simple, innovative methodology was ideal and hence, we shot the silk sarees in different shapes and thus came with this campaign. All the layouts you are seeing are real silk sarees shot folding and drapping in the shapes of sun, pongal pot, sugarcane, ganesh face, strawberry squash, orange squash flash shapes etc.


The Innovations of silk sarees in different shapes had given a very unique and wonderful response in the mist of the consumers. Every consumer coming to the showroom, had requested particularly for the portrayed silk sarees, which was very happy to hear from our client. Highly Positive & Innovative works keeping us still proud! 



  1. Chennai | Valasaravakkam



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1-10 Employees

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