Client Brief

Cambridge School of English conducted an exclusive certification program in Madhya Pradesh with support of the state government. Cambridge wants to target all top university graduates and communicate them to join the course.


Idea is do not conclude yourself within the given space.

Think out of the box. Locate yourself, where you are WANTED!


Image 1: Imagine a Shark in a fish tank - Uncomfortable with your opportunity!

Image 2: Imagine a Tiger in a dog house - Uncomfortable with your opportunity!

Image 3: Imagine an Eagle in a parrot house - Uncomfortable with your opportunity!


Eleventh Idea did a geographical location target in digital media and targetted all the UG and PG graduates across the state.


Highly positive & nearly all MBA Graduates joined BEC certification program
Client was Happy!



  1. Chennai | Valasaravakkam



Category Experience


1-10 Employees

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