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About the company

11th Idea believes that the quality of ideas are in proportion to the effort we put behind them. So it pays to think of more and more, since there are only few occasions when the first idea is the best idea. As thoughts warm up, as the mind expands, as more and more windows open up inside, ideas become more pure and original. We strive for this purity of thought and when it strikes, it is your brand that it impacts positively. 11th idea is all about delivering enhanced results with thinking that goes that extra mile. Mostly, it is a long way from the 1st to the 11th, but when this takes shape, we instinctively understand that everything was well worth it, and the results are there to prove.

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Chilli Powder
BRAND MITHR Cyan S, 2019

PROJECT Chilli Powder...

Frozen Cut Vegetable - Ready to Cook packs
BRAND Mithr Intern, 2019

PROJECT Frozen Cut Vegetable - Ready to Cook packs...

BEC - Professional Certification at Madhya Pradesh
BRAND Cambridge Sc, 2020

PROJECT BEC - Professional Certification at Madhya Pradesh...

Cambridge School of English conducted an exclusive certification program in Madhya Pradesh with support of the state government. Cambridge wants to...

Join BEC, Be the Employer's Choice!
BRAND Cambridge Sc, 2020

PROJECT Join BEC, Be the Employer's Choice!...

Many of the MBA Graduates missing MNC career opportunities due to lack of english speaking skills. Cambridge University wants to conduct a 6 m...

Fresh Farm to Home
BRAND ANSIO Online, 2020

PROJECT Fresh Farm to Home...

ANSIO Foods sell online vegetables & fruits across chennai market having their own farms at krishnagiri, dharmapuri etc. Their biggest strength...

Perfection in Design
BRAND Kerala Jewel, 2016

PROJECT Perfection in Design ...

Kerala Jewellers - traditional gold jewellers has its own brand legacy of trust for more than 55 years, wants to do a brand campaign which portrait...

White Shirts Packaging
BRAND Aathavan Whi, 2019

PROJECT White Shirts Packaging...

Brand Hoardings
BRAND Kerala Jewel, 2018

PROJECT Brand Hoardings...

Hoarding Innovations
BRAND Sekar Empori, 2014

PROJECT Hoarding Innovations...

M/s. Sekar Emporium a family shopping showroom, well known from 1959 has its own traditional & ethical brand values. Every year they used to pl...

Hoarding Campaign
BRAND Kerala Jewel, 2015

PROJECT Hoarding Campaign...

Kerala Jewellers - has its own brand values in the mist of consumers Since 1959. They always wants to be unique & meticulous about the quality ...

Innovative Hoardings
BRAND Sekar Empori, 2015

PROJECT Innovative Hoardings...

Internal Motivation Campaign
BRAND Standard Cha, 2016

PROJECT Internal Motivation Campaign...

Internal Posters
BRAND Standard Cha, 2018

PROJECT Internal Posters...

Aadi 2020 Campaign
BRAND The Chennai , 2020

PROJECT Aadi 2020 Campaign...

The Chennai Silks - South India's Largest Textile Kingdom owning showrooms across TN, Kerala & Karnataka wants to do 2020 Aadi Digital camp...

Aavani 2020 campaign
BRAND The Chennai , 2020

PROJECT Aavani 2020 campaign...

The Chennai Silks - south india's largest textile kingdom wants to do Aavani 2020 digital campaign following its 2020 aadi campaign.  ...

Head Office


Head Office

VBS Illam Plot no. 28 Vivekanandar Street, BVR Nagar, Alwarthiru Nagar Valasarawakkam, Chennai

Branch Office

#135/20, 1st Floor, 28th Cross, 7th Block Jayanagar, Bengaluru

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Parent Company

Eleventh Idea Productions


Kannan Balasubramaniyan

Director - Business & Creative

Having more than 23 years of experiences had contributed his services starting from Sreshta Advertising in 1998 followed by Percept H, Rediffusion DY&R, Lowe Lintas, Brand Portrait, Ideascape communications etc. worked for brands like Airtel, TouchTel, MRF Tyres, Jamaai Icecreams, CitiBank, Fresh & Honest Coffee, The Chennai Silks, ITC Classmate Notebooks, Kerala Jewellers, Sekar Emporium, True Biscuits, Mithr International, ANSIO, etc.