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Other Projects
Sneham Karuthalaanu - Brand film
BRAND Nambisan's Dairy, 2020

PROJECT Sneham Karuthalaanu - Brand film...

Live life to the fullest - Digital Video
BRAND Cardia Life, 2019

PROJECT Live life to the fullest - Digital Video...

Cardia Life is an edible cooking oil brand that is engineered for fitness enthusiasts. Their first variant is a blend of corn oil and olive oil whi...

BRAND Cavin's Milkshake, 2016

PROJECT Sharefie...

Zee Keralam Launch
BRAND Zee Keralam, 2018

PROJECT Zee Keralam Launch...

Wellbeing by Saint-Gobain
BRAND Saint-Gobain Gyproc , 2017

PROJECT Wellbeing by Saint-Gobain...