Baltra- Home Appliances, 2021


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Client Brief

BALTRA is a Glassware, Kitchenware and Electrical Appliances brand from Nepal, which a few years back positioned itself in Indian Market. As BALTRA was not known in India, our task was to have an impactful digital footprint in this market.
The brand was facing difficulty in achieving a score of attention and awareness among the customers and digital audience. And thus, they allied with us!


Our professional team began with in-depth research regarding the market structure and other competitions.

The on-page optimization by the on-page experts and off-page optimization played a strong role in bringing organic search traffic from various search engines.

We associated a great note of rich quality content on the digital platforms that also made a great impact. Our festive bulk gifting of home and kitchen appliances campaign helps us bring impressive audience awareness. We spent a good amount of time interacting to understand and figure out their requirements well.


The brand experienced a chronic benefit over months for the diligent work we did. Our team's will and grace of efficiency led to a strong online presence of the brand.
The improvement that was measured and tracked every week and month was reported to our client. Our 100% transparency reporting made them trust us more accurately. We always adhere to ethical practices, tools, and techniques that function magnificently.
We most importantly pay our attention to every trivial detail and idea about the brand website involved to make an undivided plan of every product individually.


Baltra- Home Appliances

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