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Client Brief

Pranattva is an Indian beverage business that aims to make nutritious and sustainable beverages. Pranattva drinks are an eco-friendly cold-pressed juice venture that offers the healthiest cold-pressed juices that contain a unique and well-balanced blend of vegetables, fruits, seeds, and herbs. Pranattva can be described as the true element that gives you life-giving force. They are committed to protecting the environment we all live in. Their green approach would encourage sustainable development.



Nature is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about organic food or beverages. As the business is about organic juices which are associated with nature, we have used a “tree” element to communicate the important message of the business.

For “green products-focused” businesses like herbal and organic juices, a serene nature logo is a perfect match.

The letter “T” in Pranattva is combined with the tree element to showcase that the business is committed to providing plant-based, organic juice with sustainable packaging.

Bottle Label and Tag Design

A good hang tag is more than just a piece of paper with the price and size written on it. While designing the label and tag we considered factors like what will work actively to sell the product, engage the customers, and encourage repeat purchases. We included important information on the tag like ingredients, benefits, flavour name, logo and a touch of design to make it more attractive.


The client approached us for various branding services for their start-up company. They wanted us to create the brand identity and presence which communicates about the brand and its vision effectively. We were appointed for various branding services like brand identity design, product photography and website design and development.


Right now, Pranattva is delivering ‘nutritious and sustainable beverages’ image successfully. By their natural and organic brand image with perfect brand identity and outer appearance of product.

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