Darbar Lassi, 2019

Darbar Lassi - Branding Design

Packaging Branding Graphic Design
By Dev Opus Pvt Ltd
Client Brief

We believe that any logo must depict the true meaning of the name of the brand.

Darbar Lassi Center is famous for milk-based products, specially authentic flavored lassi and many more that comes up with a healthy substitute for its consumers. They wanted to be found as a royal touch dairy products maker with the richness of flavours, variety and an outstanding experience.


We had to concentrate on their name in order to create a logo with a royal ‘Darbar' look and suitably justified colors. The brand identity must reflect royal highness and a place where customers may have a premium dairy experience. As a result, the interior design has been done with a modern color combination. We also used the same color scheme for the store graphics and digital visuals.

Finally, the making of packaging design, which is not only required for product delivery but also serves to represent the brand's actual identity.


The client was really pleased with our brand identity to interior design services. Because of our concept based and innovative branding design through logo and visuals, the client was able to build a solid consumer base with brand awareness. In a short span of time, Darbar Lassi Center was able to identify themselves and build a distinct brand image as a rich flavoured and quality of milk based products and best surrounding experience.


Darbar Lassi

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