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Client Brief

The client was a family-owned and operated shop at one location in Ahmedabad. They soon started to consider franchising into other areas and it was at this point that they asked for our assistance. The challenge was to open the store at a different location with a new identity while maintaining their years of reputation.


We worked with the client to create the business vision and goals, design a franchising strategy, and bring the offering to market by putting the strategy into action.

Our primary focus was to craft a brand name that justifies their brand objective of delivering authentic milk-based products wrapped in nutrients and goodness. Following extensive competitive benchmarking, it became clear that the category was crowded with literal names. We developed and categorized keywords relating to positioning options and category terms. Name generation was undertaken. After careful analysis, we determined that the Cool N Fresh name captures the essence of the offering, it is simple and easy to remember and a unique name in this category.

“Cool N Fresh, India Ka Taste, Aa Gaya Hai Dekho, Ye Leke Naya Craze"

We created a tagline that boosts the brand’s power to connect with consumers and communicate the brand message in a simple and fun way.

While working on the store concept, we considered the youthful image of the brand. Hence, we designed a concept that serves as a significant marketing tool for promoting a brand's image in addition to sell products. While designing the store concept, we made sure the furnishings and overall appearance of the store should match the brand's style. We made the interior space trendy with a white ceiling and well-selected LED lighting. Together with artistic presentation and visual beauty, it catches the customer’s greatest attention.

The creative process of logo designing started with brainstorming and analyzing the brand’s vision. We used the visual elements that would be associated with the image of the company. A young cartoon was used in the logo to present the youth and attract the target audience. We made the logo look more playful and fresh still simple with cool elements. The logo was designed to work efficiently and create a better web presence.

We created a minimalistic packaging design that communicates the clear brand message of being high- quality, tasty, also stands out in the market. We designed the packaging to give the product a modern yet very local feel. On the shelf, the huge product image assures mouth-watering and obvious product recognition. From shop boards to in-shop branding material to other marketing materials, everything was designed by us.

The client was also in need of a refreshed website design to raise brand awareness online and showcase their products. We designed a website that aligns with the new branding and is quirky and fun with a bold color palette. The website had to be attractive and lively as well. A website page would also provide viewers with information about the great flavors of the Cool N Fresh products.

As a new brand, the client needed a wide range of images captured to showcase all aspects of their products. We organized and art directed a photo shoot to capture the range of Lassi, ice-creams and other products. We also helped them with product styling to ensure each product looked as good as it tastes. The brand has now a bank of high quality product images to use across all marketing channels in the future.


Cool N Fresh has become a well-known name in Ahmedabad, previously it had low popularity. The client placed entire faith in us, allowing us to oversee the project and assist the client through the process one step at a time until it was completed successfully. Great client, great fun, and we'll keep working with them to make them reach their business goals. We are honored to work with such an enthusiastic client. 

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