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Since 1975, Binni's 'Desi Dates' has been in the sweets business under the brand Jalaram Farsaan. They've been making Khajur-based sweets for quite some time. They seek to portray Binni's Desi Dates as a nutritious and healthful dessert. They have come to us with requirements of Brand name, Logo making, Packaging, Website Design & Development and Food Photography services. 


The brand name has to portray the ‘Date' - Khajur in traditional style sweet delicacies, as well as a location to hangout and eat a healthy option for snacking, also known as ‘Date.' So, after much deliberation, the name ‘Desi Dates' was chosen. The logo has been designed in a classic outline with current touches of typefaces and colors that reflect 'Dates' from the company's inception in 1975.

Following that, we began work on the website's design and development. They also needed creative product or, in this case, food photography that could be further used in branding and marketing materials.


We and the client were both pleased with the end result of the perfect branding service. The brand name ‘Desi Dates' gained tremendous popularity among youths too. Finally, the brand has established itself in the market as a healthy and nutritious sweet delicacy. One more addition to our success.

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