Dev Opus Pvt Ltd

Client Brief

The client’s previous logo utilized the same design element for years. They needed a change, but they wanted something classic and elegant. 


The logo is the combination of a check mark and the company name “BK” to create a unique and easily recognizable logo.

The check mark in the logo indicates the brand’s core personality “perfect packaging partner”, “the right choice for packaging services” and “the mark of quality.”

The logo has the power to communicate the brand’s personality and what the brand stands for.

The letter “B” in the logo has been shaped like a Box or Package, which symbolizes the Packaging business of the company.


Our design team had realized that the company’s old logo’s feel and look didn’t quite match the goals of this particular company. When they approached us, they had one main objective: redesign the logo in order to enhance branding and better represent the company’s true nature and personality.

We redesigned the logo which takes the form of a box or package that communicates the core service of the company. We added the elements like Checkmark, which simply conveys the message of the brand.Our creative team also suggested changing the logo, tagline to the following “The Mark of Quality.” instead of “Your product’s perfect packaging partner.”

Dev Opus Pvt Ltd


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11-25 Employees

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