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Client Brief

Walkaroo, a footwear brand that brings products to market through online and offline platforms. Their online E-Commerce website for which SEO was developed with the objective to increase organic conversions.


Keyword generation for walkaroo was done keeping in mind the audience fashion choices and growing trends with keyword ranking and blogs making major contributions search engine ranking.


In keyword research, though initially only one keyword was ranked because the others didn’t fall under SERP, we quickly optimized the SEO and make up to 6 keywords. Multiple Non-Brand keywords were generated and used to cater to a larger consumer base.
In addition, blogs with relevant trends along with On page and Off page SEOs were developed. We also have been updating up to 30 metatags including title tag and meta description.


- Increase in Organic conversions and Organic traffic.
- We ranked up to 6 keywords, while the others did not qualify for SERP.

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