Walkaroo, 2021

Walkaroo Moment Marketing

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By Deepsense Digital
Client Brief
With a reputation that precedes the brand itself, Walkaroo is a brand of the people. With affordable footwear for the mass public, the brief was to create a simple yet informative post showcasing the quality and features of the shoe.
To highlight the qualities of the footwear though a video that caters to the current trends and interests of the brands customer base in an elegant manner through the brands social media platform (Instagram).
The Instagram reel displays the shoe as if dancing to a beat which adds a spotlight on its flexibility, design and comfort. By using a song popular at the time, it adds further interest to what is an effortless representation of the style. Moreover, the background too adds an element of interest to the video without overpowering the product itself.
The video highlights the Walkaroo Pink Sock Shoe in all its glory while, at the same time, expanding the target audience by utilising a new and unique way of expressing the products features. With over 400 likes and 19500 views, the reel truly expresses the brand identity and adds a factor of interest in Walkaroo products on the whole.


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