Classmate - ITC, 2021

Science Day Campaign - Classmate

Explainer Videos
By Deepsense Digital
Client Brief
The brief shared by the brand Classmate was to create an engaging and interesting campaign video that highlighted their flagship campaign for National Science Day. We sought to incorporate the brand’s vision of making learning enjoyable whilst creating a fun and interesting experience for our users to know and learn the subject of science.
To create awareness about National Science Day and to further the brand’s reach and engagement with its users we crafted a month-long series where we post interesting facts from various disciplines of science along with engaging science experiments and a live workshop. To give the campaign a strong integration with the brand’s product line, we introduced a series of notebook covers that utilized technology to share a new fact every day the users scans them through the QR on the cover. The campaign ran for all 28 days of February, making it the month of science. #28DaysofScience was the flagship campaign of the brand, designed to have a strong connect with the users through the representation of fun-filled learning and reminiscent of the trivia pages on the Classmate notebooks that connected with our users.
The campaign highlights were made into a visual and engaging video that showcased the best aspects of the campaign. Through this, we showcase all the central factors of the campaign in a byte sized video that our users loved. The video highlighted the best trivia posts, interesting experiments, key highlights of our live workshop and all the love and positive reactions that we received from our users.
The campaign was a resounding success. We had received over 21 million and a whopping 3.5 million post engagements. The campaign brought in over 20% of our Instagram followers of the entire year! What’s more? The campaign led to over 1200 purchases of our unique science cover notebooks. The video created a lasting impact amongst our users during and following the month of science, making it one of the brand’s most memorable campaigns.

Classmate - ITC

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