A work of bespoke artistry in a smooth amalgam of style and substance. Radiate elegance with every single stroke.

Client Brief
PaperKraft being a premium brand in itself is one that exudes class and calibre. A video that helps showcase the originality, features and elegance of the PaperKraft Luxury Scepter and Callista Pens while maintaining the brand language and tone was required.
To highlight the features of the pen while focusing primarily on its distinctive and luxurious look and feel. With multiple available features, each of its characteristics is to be represented equally while portraying the elegance and grandeur of the pen overall.
A product specific 3D animated video that shows each part of the pen in detail with supporting copy throughout while bringing to light its quality and class as well. Furthermore, the video brings in style and finish, elevating the pen further. By using a plain black background, the execution of the video is neat, simple and allows the gold and black metallic finish of the pen to be seen clearly without any added distractions.
The video educated the PaperKraft customer base on the features of the Luxury Scepter and Callista Pens. Having gotten over 500 views on their YouTube platform, this glossy yet firm pen is one that exudes luxury and professionalism with a niche customer base that earns for its smoothness and sheen.


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