Client Brief
Ripple AR, a product of Deepsense, is one that takes augmented reality to a new level of sophistication and finesse while making it accessible to the larger public. The brief was to bring to life one’s everyday surroundings using new age technology from a marketing stand point while conveying the process through a brochure in an innovative and educational manner.
To clearly and concisely demonstrate the thinking and design process of Ripple AR while evoking the theme and aesthetic of cutting-edge technology via the careful use of colours and design components. In order to convey the essence and proposed use of the venture to people new to it, the idea to employ Web AR within the brochure itself was also a crucial component of the brainstorming process.
The five phases of Ripple AR , The Revelation, The Future, The Potential, The Interaction, and The Experience, are explained in a simple yet informative pamphlet. Using simple yet bold colours along with well thought out deign elements, the brochure highlight the main components of the project in an elegant yet attention grabbing way. The flow of the pages takes the viewer through a well-structured story from start to end while employing the brochure with AR itself for on lookers to try, experience, and marvel.
The brochure helped educate the public and gain potential investors/customers by explaining what Ripple AR stands for and the potential is holds in the marketing sector through a straightforward and interactive method.


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