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Client Brief

To cater to the needs of individual choices and preferences by developing mindset-based colour forecast- colour vision 2020-2021


India is a country known for its culture, diversity and vibrant colours. However, each region has its own preferences and desires. Nippon understood this and came up with a ‘mindset-based colour forecast’ campaign. ‘Sale’ was not the main priority for posting on social media platforms. It was mainly done to educate the viewers about the impact of colours on their mindset and the idea behind each theme. Several videos, images and more were created for better understanding of the themes. Even before the launch, Nippon made use to build curiosity and set up expectations among the audience. The winning moment was when Nippon got several mentions in their social media platforms stating that predictions were coming true


Mr.Kaustav Sen Gupta’s help was used. After extensive research for 14 months (including 4 focus groups across the country), the forecast came to life. This gave rise to 15 themes under 3 categories – North, south and youth.  In order to reach the full potential of the forecast, a strategy was devised which comprised of three stages. A website was created for an in-depth understanding and explanation of each theme along with allowing the viewers to visualize each theme. This is the industry’s first colour visualization setup. The user can get a virtual feel of the colours by trying out various colour combinations. Curated colour patterns of each theme are also available on the website.


  • 16 Million impressions.
  • 9.2 Million reach.
  • 7.4 Lakh engagement.
  • Trended on twitter for 5 continuous hours and was in the 6th position.

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