Deepsense, 2022

My Compass App

Website & App Development Digital Media
By Deepsense Digital
Client Brief
My Compass App was developed at Deepsense digital to streamline and keep in check the activities of working employees.
Previously done through biometric, employee activity tracking in Deepsense lacked accuracy and did not provide with accurate results. My Compass app which focuses on the above problem and acts as an application which includes all perspectives of employee activities like Attendance requests, Leave requests, Reimbursement requests, Work from Home requests, Payslips, etc. One of the key USPs will be Location based attendance tracking where once the employee enters the office the location will be captured instantly, and the application records the attendance. Other features include an internal social wall where the employees can share their thoughts and experiences, Endorsement of peers, Announcements, complaints/suggestions etc can be made.
To make sure this flows smooth, proper protocols were created to maintain the workflow without losing efficiency. Variables like User Experience, performance, security, scalability, and others were measured accurately. Other technology used includes React (Front end), Helpdesk (Project management tool), Database, Python - Django (Back end), Gitlab (VCS), and API.
Effective measurement of activities was fulfilled and the Location based attendance tracking was a success making it our winning entry as the Best UI and UX for the Maddys Awards 2022.


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