ITC Classmate, 2018

Classmate Be Better Than Yourself

Social Media Content
By Deepsense Digital

#bebetterthanyourself Case Study - Award Winning Campaign

Client Brief

Brand Classmate had a mandate to take philosophy to as many Indian homes and classrooms as possible. To fulfill our purpose of securing a pressure-free environment for children to grow, learn, and live in. How can we make this viral?


In an achievement-oriented society like ours, children and teens are often conditioned to perceive others as “competition”. Classmate from ITC took on the theme "Be Better Than Yourself" that kicks off a crusade against this stereotype and encourages students to recognize themselves as their only competition in life.



  • A story that touches the soul

  • Effective Media Plan

  • Edgy Idea on Social

  • Amplification of Content


Consumer engagement activations both online and offline were weaved into the communication plan. Our sole intention was to recognize potential influencers who would help us reach out to all stakeholders: students, parents, teachers and even employees. Through various social media platforms, this social drive was brought into the spotlight from where we established people’s take on this subject.

  • Our sole video received 10+ Million views on YouTube with a view-through rate of ~40 percent due to its relatable content.
  • The hashtag #BeBetterThanYourself continuously trended for 15 hours on Twitter and managed to reach out to 16 Million people.
  • Also, we had about 4000 stories come in from people from all walks of life and 169 Million impressions were made with just our tweeting activity.
  • A brand lift of 32% was achieved through this campaign.

ITC Classmate

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