Cavin's, 2022

Cavin's - #Emotewithcavins

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By Deepsense Digital
Client Brief
Cavin’s, a leading Indian beverage brand, is one that exudes fun and creativity. The brand in itself has a jovial outlook with its user group concentrated between mothers and children alike. The brief was to create a monthly calendar inclusive of topicals, general brand posts, and an overall campaign idea for the same.
To create a campaign around World Emoji Day keeping in mind the similarities between the brand's tone of voice and outlook and the topical itself. The campaign, #EmoteWithCavins, was made to express the emotion one feels while drinking a pack of Cavin’s milkshake through a series of creatives leading up to the day.
A set of six creatives were made where five of them represented the emotion attached to a particular flavour of milkshake while the 6th and final creative was an all-inclusive visual representation of the variety of emotions felt for the brand as well as its products on the whole. The design used the simple yet colourful palette of Cavin’s with a corresponding copy. Each post was crafted to perfection with a pack shot of the product along with its respective emoji in the form of a humanoid. The emojis chosen for each flavour was carefully considered as well; they were thought up, tried out, and discussed before being used.
The campaign was a huge success, and the creatives were included in Ads of the World - the world's largest advertising archive and community. Posted over a span of 10 days, the posts saw an average of 11743 likes, 10 shares, and 85 saves making it one of the most beloved campaigns by the brand’s customer base. The campaign also helped boost overall sales and awareness about the products while providing the brand with a creative edge over its competitors.


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