Creative Crest

Client Brief

e-Vanik provides cloud-based E-commerce management software for online sellers. Cloud backend ERP for order, inventory management, and payment reconciliation.


To Increase more and more capital using potential tools, media  and marketing campaigns


Creative Crest participated in advising and assist eVanik in determining details of any capital raising initiative. Also assisting in preparing a confidential descriptive memorandum of eVanik, and its operations and finances, for use in discussions with Potential Targets.

Cretive Crest also helped in  Identifying, screening and preparing Potential Targets, for the purpose of establishing which Potential Targets will be approached and in what order.  It also took care of the Contacts, establishment and attending exploratory meetings with Potential Targets.


Successfully completed a long term bonding with e-vanik with 100% success result.

Creative Crest

Public Relations

  1. New Delhi



Category Experience


1-10 Employees

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