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Branding, Brand Strategy, Corporate Film / AV, Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM

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About the company

Communication Crafts is an award-winning tactical branding & advertising agency that is dedicated on creating memorable brand stories. We work with brands that are ambitious to take their business to new heights. As strategic digital partners, we provide the best brand strategy, 360-degree branding solutions, corporate films and custom digital marketing solutions that collectively help empower brands to harness the unparalleled potential to grow their business. The peaks we've summitted in more than a decade of traversing countless terrains has made us the best at what we do- marketing & advertising solutions, that gets the job done.

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CIMS, An institution you can trust! - Corporate Video
BRAND CIMS Hospita, 2017

PROJECT CIMS, An institution you can trust! - Corporate Video...

BSafal Glade one, Unlock the premium life
BRAND BSafal - Gla, 2014

PROJECT BSafal Glade one, Unlock the premium life"...

Mercedes Benz - The best or nothing
BRAND Benchmark Ca, 2016

PROJECT Mercedes Benz - The best or nothing...

Brillare, Truly natural brilliance.
BRAND Brillare Cos, 2018

PROJECT Brillare, Truly natural brilliance....

Marwadi University, rediscover yourself.
BRAND Marwadi Univ, 2018

PROJECT Marwadi University, rediscover yourself....

Vasant Masala, spice up your life.
BRAND Vasant Masal, 2018

PROJECT Vasant Masala, spice up your life. ...

Aravalli, redefining luxury.
BRAND Aravalli , 2020

PROJECT Aravalli, redefining luxury....

AGL, tiles that suit your style.

PROJECT AGL, tiles that suit your style....

Satvam Masala
BRAND Satvam Masal, 2019

PROJECT Satvam Masala...

Satvam, with its range of cryogenically prepared masala and instant mixes, gave us the chance to connect with the homemakers. ...

HOF, home to furniture and more.

PROJECT HOF, home to furniture and more....

YoBykes, electrifying the future.
BRAND Yo bike, 2016

PROJECT YoBykes, electrifying the future....

Nutrabox What’s Your Junoon
BRAND Nutrabox, 2019

PROJECT Nutrabox What’s Your Junoon...

Grainspan - Corporate Video

PROJECT Grainspan - Corporate Video...

Special amenities were showcased with sketch-based illustrations supported by an incredible script!
BRAND Gala Celesti, 2018

PROJECT Special amenities were showcased with sketch-based illu...

Heatwave Social media Marketing & SEM
BRAND Heatwave Ind, 2020

PROJECT Heatwave Social media Marketing & SEM...

Heatwave India keeps the women always passionate and excited about the shoes they wear and bag they carry. ...

Paese Cosmetics
BRAND Paese Cosmet, 2019

PROJECT Paese Cosmetics...

Paese Cosmetics India, an extension of Poland’s leading beauty and cosmetic brand has generated a growing loyal customer bas...

Brillare Cosmetics
BRAND Brillare Cos, 2019

PROJECT Brillare Cosmetics...

Brillare formulates and designs hair and skin essentials with quantified natural ingredients. From nourishing to rejuvenating...

BRAND Facitize, 2020

PROJECT Facitize...

Facitize is a revolutionary product born out of the pandemic. Factize and Facitize Junior provides day-long protection to the...

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Chirag Dagli


Chirag Dagli is the founder of Communication Crafts which has bagged 6 AFAQS Foxglove Awards and completed 16 successful years in the industry as of 2021. Started back in the day in 2005, with an idea to make this world a better place, Chirag embarked upon the journey with a fierce heart and sparking his creativity in everything spectacular he did achieved along the way. Today, he is humbled to run a full-service advertising & marketing agency. The passion and drive Communication Crafts has to provide results that make a difference, Chirag is certain that his organization has the potential to make positive impact in this world and inspire others along the way.