Clarity Communication

Client Brief

The objective was to create awareness about the ed-tech brand Board Infinity.  Secondly, building messages catering to different audiences like institutions, Students, Working Professionals, and investors 


We focused on building Board Infinity that promoted upskilling and helped students in career progression. Additionally, positioned the client as an expert in the higher education space. 


  • Interviews in Education Space & Startups platforms
  • Regular developments within the organization were communicated to the journalist writing on edtech
  • Opinion Articles on Trends like Hiring, Jobs, career-based
  • Industry stories like during covid, higher education scenario, 
  • Meeting the ed-tech journalists 
  • Video interviews
  • New campaigns - social media 



In the year between 2019-2021, Clarity was able to garner more than 1500 coverages amongst Education media, Financials, magazines, Insta Lives, Paid Press Release, new-age platforms etc.

Clarity Communication

Public Relations

  1. New Delhi



Category Experience


1-10 Employees

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