Bespoke, 2022

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By Clarity Communication

Bespoke Coverage report

Client Brief

Quality exposure and positioning Chhavi Chadha as a Luxury travel expert. Building Chhavi Chadha's profile


We started working with Bespoke in 2017 when Chhavi & Bespoke was an unknown entity. Our idea was to position Chhavi Chadha & Bespoke as a luxury travel expert. Post covid, with travel at a very low, started exploring opinion articles, and industry stories. This time, it was important to maintain the visibility


One-on-one interactions and informal meetings with the journalist & editors writing on Travel, Luxury travel. This helped in exploring editorial opportunities in various media. This was followed by opinion articles, participation in industry stories etc


We focused on quality publications like India Today, Outlook Traveller, ET Hospitality, Travel & Leisure, Brides Today etc. She was also invited to the jury for the outlook Traveller awards.



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