Clarity Communication

Client Brief

The client was launching its 1st e-scooter in 2019 when clarity started working with them. The client so wanted people to know about BattRE scooters, which was a new entrant in the market.


Our idea was to start media outreach before the launch of e-scooters in June 2019. Thus, we started exploring stories in startups and automobile platforms. Before the actual launch, the journalists were aware of the brand. 


Initially, we started by reaching out to the entire media who writes on Automobiles or EVs before the launch of the e-scooters. .  The team explored startup stories, interviews, Tv interviews etc. 


During the launch, we generated approx. 124 coverages. Post that we aggressively focused on Interviews, Press Release articles, industry stories, comments on developing issues etc

Clarity Communication

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