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Public Relations

Clarity Communication LLP

Public Relations

Content Writing: Articles & Blog Posts, Content Strategy, Qualitative Market Research/Quantitative Market Research, Sponsored Content/Advertorials, Media and Image Management, Influencer Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Research and Media Monitoring, Content Creation

  1. New Delhi

No. of Employees: 1-10

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Clarity Communication is a new-age PR & Communication agency. Our aim is to provide the best experience for the client which happens by being transparent and proactive.

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Sid's Farm - Dairy Brand of Telangana
BRAND Sid's Farm, 2022

PROJECT Sid's Farm - Dairy Brand of Telangana...

The client was keen to promote the dairy brand in the Telangana region only. People of Telangana should know them and their products. The objective...

Do Your Thng - Influencers Tech Platform
BRAND DO Your Thng, 2022

PROJECT Do Your Thng - Influencers Tech Platform...

We started working with Do Your Thng in 2019 and their brief was to create awareness about the brand  Since it was a new ent...

MISSCALLPAY - Fintech Startup

PROJECT MISSCALLPAY - Fintech Startup...

The client wanted to build his profile before its launch by RBI ...

BattRE - Electric Mobility
BRAND BattRE, 2021

PROJECT BattRE - Electric Mobility...

The client was launching its 1st e-scooter in 2019 when clarity started working with them. The client so wanted people to know about BattRE scooter...

Board Infinity - Edtech Brand
BRAND Board Infini, 2022

PROJECT Board Infinity - Edtech Brand...

The objective was to create awareness about the ed-tech brand Board Infinity.  Secondly, building messages catering to different audiences lik...

Bespoke Travel Experiences - Experiential Travel;
BRAND Bespoke, 2022

PROJECT Bespoke Travel Experiences - Experiential Travel;...

Quality exposure and positioning Chhavi Chadha as a Luxury travel expert. Building Chhavi Chadha's profile ...

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Sowmya Iyer

Founder & CEO

Ms. Sowmya Iyer is the founder and CEO of Clarity Communication, a New Age PR & communication PR agency. In her entire experience, Sowmya saw a perennial gap on what was promised & what was being delivered to the clients. When she established Clarity PR, She tried to bridge this gap thus understanding the requirements of the clients vis-a-vis deliverables. With more than 22 years of PR experience, Ms. Sowmya has contributed lucratively to her wide range of clientele in an environment that thrives on stiff competition. Her relentless pursuit of excellence in producing work has successfully resulted in maintaining long-term relationships with the clients. This year, she plans to start PR training & Counselling for the candidates who want to pursue their careers in PR.