Tata Play, 2022

Brand Transition Campaign - #AaoPlayKare

Influencer Marketing
By chimpandzinc
Client Brief
To establish that Tata Sky is now Tata Play, conveying that it is the one-stop entertainment source for live TV and OTT content with the same subscription.
- To bring out an army of influencers to talk about the campaign. - The reels were published one by one for a week. - The influencers threw light on the name change and spoke about Netflix being on Tata Play and Tata Play's Binge Combo offering.
- The campaign involved influencers with different genres of content and unique follower bases. - To ensure maximum reach, influencers were chosen from across various industries. - Each influencer was encouraged to create videos in their original style and integrate the message organically into their reels.
Reach - 3.8CR users Views - 4.6CR - The campaign was a massive success, ensured by collaborations with 200+ macro, micro, and nano-influencers to communicate the message.

Tata Play

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