WinMagic Toys , 2021

The journey of creating a toy store experience for Kids on our social media!

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By Changing Tree
Client Brief

Work on a new design & communication strategy for their ongoing brands.

Create a social media launch strategy for their new table-top card game brand.

WinMagic Toys is a distributor of international kids toy brands in India, with a few of their own table top toy brands set for launch in 2021. Our objective was to create a design and communication strategy for their ongoing brands.



A toy distributor never works with one toy brand for one age group of kids. They are like a toy store, with toys and activities for kids of all ages.

Our first challenge was to figure out how to ensure the individual toy brands they sold like Baby Shark, Crash’ems, Blazing Team Yo-Yo's, Ooshies Character Collectibles etc didn’t get lost amidst the clutter.

We also had to ensure that there was ample focus on WinMagic Toys as well.



To ensure WinMagic Toys had visibility during this phase, we planned out a Drawing Competition called #SuperSketchers for kids online, which was positioning just during lockdown when kids and parents were at home.


Our influencers got involved strongly during this contest, which helped us generate a lot of organic traction, and capture a fresh new set of eyeballs on our Brand Launches.


We started out in 2 steps:

1) Create a brand priority in our communication

2) Engage with influencers to make a brand stand out


Once we were clear on how to prioritize the visibility of our brands, the next thing was to flesh out the calendar roadmap. Each brand had a life cycle, from being launched to then moving on to its ‘Always On’ leg.

First things first we wanted to group it all up in a theme. It was time of summer and all the kids were at home, so we decided to try the summer vacations, vacation at home angle. From there we ended at ‘Summer of Fun’ for WinMagic Toys.

Next, our idea was to launch the brand in pairs, often for those of different age groups and generate immense buzz during the initial phase of the launch.

Once the momentum was built, we started preparing for the next couple of brands to be introduced. We created more video types for higher engagement with those brands that needed the attention.


The lifecycle was as below, from top to bottom:

Introduce brands which were to be in Focus as ‘New Arrivals’ --> Move them on to their ‘Always On’ leg --> Start generating buzz for our ‘Upcoming Launches’.


WinMagic Toys

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