Aster Hospital Dubai, 2021

Attracting a new generation of online social media users!

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By Changing Tree
Client Brief

Create a unique visual identity for the brand that aligns to the guidelines of Aster Group as a whole.

Develop unique design and communication strategies that drive high engagement on Social Media.

Aster Hospitals UAE wanted to position itself as a modern health care provider to the audiences of Dubai. With hospitals and clinics across key locations, Aster Hospitals wanted to position itself on top of mind for both locals and expats across Dubai.


The idea was to execute our design in steps, looking at what worked and what didn’t.

As an agency, we ensured our designs were always within the framework of guidelines set by Aster group, while also developing a strong identity of our own that stands out.

For a brand in healthcare there are often multiple messaging priorities that need to be conveyed, from medical services, ongoing offerings, over-arching brand narrative campaigns, and even key moment marketing ideas like occasions or topical posts.

Throughout our execution process, we ensured each talking point had its own template that stood out, and worked to convey the information to the audience. We wanted to redesign those bits that we felt needs to be updated to the times, while developing more of the colors and layouts that were already working.

As an agency, we also wanted to create a more modern and dynamic look for the brand, that could flow into our 360-digital landscape as creative extensions and also be adapted offline as required.

  1. Increase in engagement on Social Media

  2. 360degree design overhaul for the brand

  3. Better quality of leads from digital campaigns

  4. More avenues for better UX on Website

  5. Brand look & feel standing out from among other Aster brands


Aster Hospital Dubai

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