YLG, 2020

Amplify digital reach and impressions by means of content and creativity

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By Changing Tree
Client Brief

Coming from the personal grooming and wellness space, the salon wanted to amplify its digital reach and impressions by means of content and creativity.


Through an amalgamation of creative content and leveraging the features of the platform such as Instagram reels, stories, DM, and highlights we were able to generate excitement and impressions around the brand. Thus, what worked was the thoughtful intertwining of various tools available for business across Social media platforms blended with the power of content.


Taking on the approach where for the first time a salon brand has actually gone all guns blazing in terms of not only strategizing the content but also bringing the best of branding and design into the scheme of things.


This was also scope for us to explore different color palettes, design elements, and messaging that would enable the brand to not only connect but also engage with the target audience.


This exercise helped us make the brand go from ‘1000 followers’ to ‘10K followers’ in record time. We were able to bring the audience to engage with the brand and thus, build the foundation for an exciting social media journey for the brand.




We are proud to share with you all the massive change that we were able to achieve in YLG’s social media platforms and handles. From having a small presence on their SM handles, and what started at 1000 followers has now increased to a whopping 10k followers, and still growing.


We worked tirelessly and excessively with creative ideas – reels, videos, gifs, posts and stories as well as engaging campaigns to take YLG’s social media presence to all new heights to make it one of the most popular salons in India!


This is the only salon that has such a variety of creative content that is posted in terms of grid forming, colour usage, creative content, memes, etc. – is what makes YLG stand out from the rest!


We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that YLG Salons are at the top of the food chain when it comes to their social media presence and impact!



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