Modern Threads India Pvt Ltd, 2019

Modern Woollens

Corporate Identity
By C R A C K E R S
Client Brief

Since its inception, ModernWoollen had been using its logo in a very limited manner. With time, it became clear that the client needed something more substantial, a system to holds together an ecosystem of the decades-old thread-making company. An identity that could establish the company further as a strong player, help them in exploring new markets which are true to its name - modern.


The logo is made up of letters M and W, the initials of the company name. Being a thread manufacturer company we used warp and weft concept in the logo. Warp and weft are the two basic components used in weaving to turn thread or yarn into fabric.

The four sides of the logo denote four directions and the company’s ambition of going all out and exploring new markets. This criss-cross of threads also celebrates connection and collaboration. In the new logo, we introduced the color Purple. As purple color is created by combining a strong warm color with a strong cool one, the color retains both warm and cool properties. It imparts new energy in the entire identity system.


The objective of this entire exercise was to establish the company as a true global leader. As the company is now one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of wool and blended worsted yarn of India. Their products reach more than 25 countries. We worked closely with the management team to create a unified identity that brought together the best of their heritage with the quality and innovation they’re known for today. We created a visual language that could flex across the offline and online space and into the hearts and minds of B2B customers.


This brand identity resulted in creating a very effective story. This identity tells the story of a thread manufacturing company that delivers seamlessly to its clients and scales in order to meet their needs. The system is easy to deploy and unifies its story across channels and applications.


Modern Threads India Pvt Ltd

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