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Brandure keeps on engaging with all the target audience through social media.  Objectives are multiple.  The first and very basic reason is to spread positive message with social connect. 


Freedom is single word in english and has many meanings depending upon the people.  But in Sanskrit based indian languages, there are 2 different words both having distinct meanings. They are Swatantra and Swachhand.  But Swachhand has negative context with selfish approach while Swatantra is a positive word with conscientious approach.  Main idea is to create awareness among people about the thin difference between the type of freedom they enjoy.


Main Message of what is true definition of independece in indian context is, was articulated and stroryboard was designed by the creative team. 


The video had exceeeded more than 300 organic views in 24 hours within 24 hours of posting in linkedin.  Similar was the analytics in other social media platforms.



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