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Client Brief

The client wanted us to create a new YouTube series to drive engagement for their channel. Unlike most of their educational series, this needed to be a series of human interest stories, which would build an emotional connection with viewers.

Goal: Build a new video property and drive YouTube engagement. 


Becoming a doctor is tough! And in India, it’s even tougher. Every year over 15 lakh students appear for the NEET UG exam. Of these only about 6% bag MBBS seats. But the struggle doesn’t end here. Post this, these students spend over 5 and a half years learning 19 subjects and preparing for their next big struggle - NEET PG. Along the way, several lose hope, give up on their dreams, and struggle to stay motivated. This situation was worsened by the COVID 19 pandemic.

So, we decided to create a video series that would showcase stories of past PrepLadder dreamers who had achieved their dreams after various personal struggles. The stories would need to motivate, energize, and engage our struggling NEET PG aspirants.


We worked with PrepLadder to identify doctors who had passed the NEET PG exam in the past few years. We sent out emails to PrepLadder’s subscribers for the past 4 years, encouraging them to share their stories and their struggles. We got hundreds and hundreds of stories to choose from. Well, we did what we had to and selected 3 powerful stories to share. We interviewed these amazing achievers, their families, and their friends, and captured the essence of who they are in our cameras.

The Editing team then got working. Editing 1 to 2 hours of footage to create a concise yet powerful and engaging story. We then premiered these videos on PrepLadder’s Medical PG YouTube channel in the months preceding NEET PG 2021.

The series was named 'Dreamers to Achievers'. Each episode was focused on a different struggle - stereotypes and prejudices, repeated failures, financial challenges.


Key achievement: A renewed zeal and energy among the NEET PG aspirant community.  

  • Over 1.2 Million Views
  • More than 17,000 hrs of Watch time
  • 4300+ New Subscribers
  • 13000 Plus Likes
  • Over 500 Positive Comments

Plus, we used some of the other several hundred stories that we had received via emails, as motivational content in our 2021 Dream Notes, continuing the journey offline.

Brand Th3ory


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