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Targeting a Women's Day premiere i.e., 8th March 2021, create a human-interest story featuring 3 to 4 Female Faculty from the Unacademy Educator's team of UGC NET. Final Video Duration: 2 to 3 minutes. This video was to be published on Unacademy's YouTube channel: Unacademy Live - NTA UGC NET, which is targeted at aspirants preparing for the UGC NET. 55% of these are women. 



We call the entire population of the world ‘mankind’, even though women make up 49.5% of it. There are several similar words that are a part of our everyday vocabulary that reflect gender bias. Manmade, common man, middleman, forefathers, manpower, workmanship, fireman, masterplan, girl child, and working mothers, just to name a few. 

These words intentionally or unintentionally promote certain gender roles and lead to inequality. So, we decided to use Unacademy's platform and the occasion of Women's Day to spread awareness and encourage people to replace these words with more gender-neutral ones.   


Challenge: Only a week to conceptualize, shoot, edit, and premiere the video.

We started off by finding a concept that was relevant. Once the idea was closed, we scheduled shoots in Delhi with 3 different female educators within a span of 24 hours. We interviewed each educator in the comfort of their own home and captured their reactions to the opposite of these very popular gender-biased words. As words like womanmade, common woman, repairwoman, middlewoman, foremothers, womanpower, workwomanship, etc. are unheard of, we got the reactions we had expected - confusion, surprise, shock, cluelessness. We captured these reactions in our camera and using audio design and editing created a video output that was both, hard-hitting and meaningful. 

Brand Th3ory


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