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Social Media Content Content Strategy Social Media Marketing
By Brand Th3ory
Client Brief

Looking at the successful results we have achieved for PrepLadder over the years, Unacademy NEET PG team approached us to help them improve their product perception in the category. We consulted with them and redefined their communication strategy for NEET PG. Then, we took over the social media marketing for their category channels - Facebook and Instagram; and helped them launch new video properties focused on their educators and NEET PG product features. 


For the Medical PG entrance exam aspirants, social media is not just a place for photo sharing but a platform for content consumption. And we decided to use it to our advantage. As a first step, we added high-value academic content buckets to the client's social media content calendar. Next, we added all relevant medical days observed and acknowledged by organizations like the WHO, the UN, and the UNICEF to our content calendar, along with Indian observances and festivals. The next order of business was to engage with social media trends in a manner that was relatable to our medical learners. We also used reels to give value to the NEET PG community via motivational content, academic videos, labeling charts, and more. 


Over 35 Lac Organic Impressions | Zero Ad Spends

Results for Facebook:

  • 3.3 Lac+ People Reached
  • 67.3K+ Engagement
  • 12K+ Page Likes and Followers
  • 13,200+ Link Clicks
  • 12,800+ Reactions

Results for Instagram:

  • 12.9K+ New Followers Gained
  • 16 Lac+ Accounts Reached
  • 101,200+ Accounts Engaged
  • 12 Lac+ Non Followers Reached


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