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Client Brief

Video Objective: To announce the upcoming launch of 3rd edition of PrepLadder’s crash course, Rapid Revision.

PrepLadder, an Ed. Tech, most popular for its video lectures and Practice questions, launched ‘Rapid Revision’ in 2019. This crash course for MBBS graduates and undergraduates preparing for Medical PG entrance exams quickly became very popular with students eagerly awaiting the launch of the next edition.

However, in 2020, Rapid Revision 2.0 presented a new problem. Students flooded PrepLadder Med’s social media with comments about a lack of distinction between the two editions. A whole year later, with Rapid Revision 3.0, our marketing challenge was to clearly position this latest edition as a grand update on the previous and not a new course in itself, all while capitalizing on the existing success of the product.


Tagline: Perfection Perfected

Where do we go after selling perfection? We sell perfected perfection, of course, hence the tagline ‘Perfection Perfected’. This harmless phrase helped us establish that the course was already everything it needed to be yet we (somehow) managed to fine-tune it further with 3.0. Additionally, it also helped us press upon the supremacy of the course. 


Project Inclusions: Market Position Strategy, Launch Tagline, Scripting, Motion Graphic, Editing, Audio Design 

Time Spent on Project: 7 Business Days

The video uses motion graphics, kinetic text, interview snippets, video footage, mobile mockups, social media comments, and audio effects to carry out its objectives. The end product was exciting and indicative of how loved and effective Rapid Revision truly is.


Biggest Achievement: Rapid Revision 3.0 garnered zero comments or complaints about the content being similar to the past edition or not much being edited or changed. 

  • Views: 780.5K+ i.e. 747.3K more than usual
  • Watch time (hours): 18.7K i.e. 17.2K more than usual
  • Average view duration was 1:26 
  • Average percentage viewed was 74.3%

Brand Th3ory


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