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Client Brief

About the Client

PrepLadder is an ed-tech company that offers medical students premium educational content to take on competitive post-graduate medical entrance exams like NEET-PG, AIIMS-PG, JIPMER, PGIMER, and FMGE. 

Target Audience

Indian medical students, primarily in the age group of 19 to 28, both men and women. These students are already aware of the Brand and its product. 

Campaign Objective

Compared to their competitors, PrepLadder's learning platform offers less content. This choice to offer less content was deliberate on the client's part, as they didn't want to over-burden students with too much content. The client had selected and curated the course to focus primarily on the content that yields result. Their aim was to create a course that was selective so that students would have time not just to go through the content once, but several times, still leaving them with enough time for revision. However, the client was often questioned by their target audience regarding this difference in content duration, and many students considered lesser content to mean less value. 

The aim of the campaign was to explain the client's ideology to the target audience i.e. medical students. The client wanted less content to be turned into a USP instead of a drawback. They wanted to help students understand that too much content, which they would never be able to complete, was of no use. Also choosing what to study and what to skip will become a burden for them. 

Another important brief from the client was that we needed to use their faculty members as the face of the campaign. These teachers are well-known and renowned among the medical student community. The client wanted to use the students' affinity with their teachers to get more eyeballs and build better connect. The challenge was the fact that these teachers are Doctors with almost no acting experience. 


Advertising Concept

Too much doesn't always mean too good.
Study only as much as is required. 

Campaign Tagline: Padho Utna Chahiye Jitna


We decided to explain PrepLadder's ideology and concept to the medical student community through funny sketches featuring the well-known and much loved PrepLadder faculty – The Dream Team. The goal was to show the students how too much can sometimes be really too much.

We put their favorite teachers in fun environments and bombarded them with more – more food choices, more water, more blade, just more. The output was hilarious.

Using these fun ads we established the campaign thought – study what’s required with PrepLadder.


Biggest Achievement: The CEO of PrepLadder's biggest competitor in the medical PG edtech industry had to put out a post on social media justifying their brand position and the too much content that they offer.

  • Over 2 Million Views Across Channels
  • More than 7% Average Click-Through Rate
  • Over 500 Positive Comments 

Post the release of these ad films the social conversation about PrepLadder completely changed. Students were no longer saying that PrepLadder offers less content. They were now saying that PrepLadder offers concise and high-yield content.

Brand Th3ory


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