PrepLadder, 2022

National Doctors' Day Video Campaign - Being a Doctor...

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PrepLadder's National Doctors' Day Video Campaign - Being a Doctor... #ItIsWorthIt #ThankYouDoctor

Client Brief

July 1 is the National Doctors' Day. For our client, PrepLadder, the healthcare community is very important as PrepLadder caters to MBBS students preparing for postgraduate entrance exams, foreign graduate medical exams, and even super specialty entrance exams. Thus, they wanted to do an engaging social media campaign for this community on the occasion of National Doctors' Day. The client wanted us to create a campaign that communicated - it's not going to be easy but it's going to be worth it.


Being a Doctor is not easy. The struggle and years it takes to become a doctor can take a toll on both, your mind and body. Long study hours, continuous competition, continued stress, unpredictable working hours, long shifts, sudden emergency calls, missed family time, dealing with death, and violence against doctors are just some of the many challenges that doctors face through the years of study and work. 

So, we decided to interview practicing Doctors, who have seen and dealt with it all, and ask about their struggles. Then, once they have acknowledged how tough life as a Doctor can be, we asked them if they were willing to choose a different career, a different life. The answers were as we were expecting - No, Never, Definitely not. Proving that Doctors love being doctors, inspite of the challenges and the struggles. 


We began by working with the client's team to identify and select 4 practicing Doctors, who we could interview. Next, we created a list of questions that we would ask these interviewees and prompts that would help us elicit the responses, emotions, and experiences that we were looking for. On the day of the shoot, our production team and interviewers got behind the camera to capture unrestricted feelings and unedited emotions. Once we had the video footage, our editing team got to work. From approximately 2 hours of interview footage, we selected 4 minutes of content that would help us convey the struggles of being a Doctor and the passion that led this special community of professionals to work day-in-day-out, inspite of the challenges. Finally, after adding music, sound effects, and graphic elements, we had a beautiful and engaging Doctors' Day campaign, which we premiered on PrepLadder's social media channels for the medical community.



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