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About the Project

‘QBank’ is EdTech giant PrepLadder’s extensive list of practice questions for entrance exams. It is regarded as one of the most reliable question banks in this segment. After the success of QBank and QBank 2.0, they came out with the third edition with new and improved features. 

Campaign Objective

The primary objective of this ad campaign was to showcase PrepLadder’s esteemed faculty member, Dr. Gobind Rai Garg and highlight ‘Active Learning’, the most notable improvement in this latest edition of QBank.  


Inspite of how helpful and available PrepLadder's educators want to be, they can't help each student solve all 23000+ questions available in the PrepLadder QBank. The solutions and explanations are available on the app. However, sometimes the students need guidance on how to reach the solution and which aspects of the clinical questions to focus on. This is where Active Guidance comes in. The idea behind active guidance was to help students learn how to approach a question. After one attempts a question, the keywords in the clinical stem will get highlighted. This will help them in understanding why certain options were ruled out as incorrect and how the right answer was reached at.

So, while planning an introduction campaign for the feature, we decided to take the quirky root and showcase the challenge posed by the absence of active guidance and then introduce the solution the client had divised.


This unique ad film was made keeping the young Medical PG aspirants in mind. We decided to say what we needed to say in an entertaining and humorous fashion instead of taking the usual in-your-face approach. The client was very clear about featuring their star faculty member in the film, and getting a non-actor to deliver a performance was no easy task for us. This script was written, keeping Dr. Garg’s limited acting chops in mind, and intentionally centered around one unique feature of QBank 3.0, to keep things nice and tidy. The end result was a smash hit in terms of both output and engagement. 



2X QBank engagement post feature launch within the app.

  • 635,000+ Impressions
  • Over 150,000 Views
  • Over 5.1% CTR
  • 250 plus positive comments


Brand Th3ory


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