Explore media buying strategies curated by agency members of afaqs! marketplace for brands and companies across India

Digital media buying implies the process of acquiring placements of ads on various websites, apps, and other kinds of digital platforms. With changing digital marketing strategies, paid advertising has become quite prominent. Marketers are on the lookout to get the maximum return from marketing investments. 

With digital media buying, you can get a clear picture of  the exact revenue  created with the media spends. Digital media buying allows you to target your audience with maximum efficiency in less time which is a big time saving investment as compared to traditional media. Although there is no doubt of the benefits and impact it has on the ROI, when not done correctly, it can only be as useful as a flyer being distributed to just everyone with a generalised message, in the assumption that it reaches your target audience. 

Professional digital media buying agencies with expertise can create a digital media strategy customised to your brand. Built exactly for your target audience using precise analytics, selecting the right channel for the ad placement, well defined strategic goals and an estimated budget for sure shot results. 

Here, we have listed some of the media buying strategies used by marketing agencies  for national and international brands. These paid media strategies helped brands not just with increasing brand awareness but multiplied lead conversions across several appropriate platforms.

With unique capabilities and features of platforms like facebook, youtube or instagram or subscription based ones, it can be confusing to choose from, leading to wrong selections acting as monetary drains. Hire professional media buying agencies which make informed decisions backed with market research insights and present results in no time.